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Episode 85 - Journey to Keynoting with Kassy LaBorie

Get ready for an exhilarating episode with the Fabulous Learning Nerds as they discuss the fascinating world of keynoting in Learning and Development. This week's guest, the incredible Kassy LaBorie, takes center stage to share her inspiring journey and insights into the power of connection in the digital landscape. So get ready for an amazing episode as The Nerds unlock the secrets to impactful keynoting and revolutionize your perspective on remote connections!

🚀 Show Highlights:

The Inspiration Behind the Journey

Unveiling the Keynote Experience

The Big Idea - Irresistibly Remote

🔑 Key Takeaways:

Be vulnerable and challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone.

Shift the mindset: Online interactions can be as powerful as in-person connections.

Focus on being helpful rather than perfect when delivering a keynote.

Episode 84 - Clarity in Leadership with Jared Ramler, PhD

Welcome to another enlightening episode of the Fabulous Learning Nerds! 🚀 This week, we've got a powerhouse of insights as we delve into the realm of "Clarity in Leadership" with the extraordinary Jared Ramler. Jared, a seasoned professional in Learning and Development, takes us on a journey through his unconventional path into corporate L&D, spanning over 13 years. With a Ph.D. originally aimed at academia, Jared shares his unexpected transition into the corporate world and the invaluable lessons learned along the way. 

Navigating the Unexpected Career Forks: Jared shares the pivotal moments that led him to the corporate world, emphasizing the role of mentors and peers in his learning journey.

Targeted Development for Career Growth: Explore the benefits of systematic career development and coaching, drawing parallels with Olympic athletes and their coaches.

Leadership, Coaching, and Talent Development: Unpack the interconnected nature of coaching and leadership development, addressing the challenges of accidental managers and the trauma they may unknowingly inflict.

Episode 83 - Employee Engagement

Welcome to another enlightening episode of the Fabulous Learning Nerds! 🤓 In today's episode, we delve deep into the captivating realm of Employee Engagement in Learning and Development. Join us as we explore the dynamic interplay between learning and keeping your team engaged, a critical topic in today's fast-evolving work landscape.

Quizzes vs. Reflections: Scott and Dan engage in a riveting discussion about the effectiveness of standalone quizzes as a learning modality. Does a daily quiz truly spark learning and change behavior? Learn the nuances between closed-ended and open-ended questions and their role in employee engagement.

The Power of the "Why": The nerds underscore the significance of clearly communicating the "why" within organizations. Discover how Learning and Development experts can help align employees with the company's purpose and how such clarity fosters engagement.

De Facto Leaders - Panel Discussion with Dr. Karen Dudek-Brannan

The whole point of school is to prepare kids for adult life, but we aren’t giving kids what they need to succeed in the working world. Dr. Karen Dudek-Brannan and The Fabulous Learning Nerds jump into this discussion and explore the ins and out of employee training..

Join us as we tackle 

Episode 82 - Culture of Learning 

Are you ready to discover the secrets of creating a culture that promotes growth and development? Join the conversation with Scott and Dan as they discuss the following essential aspects of building a learning culture:

The need for a learning culture: In a world where employee engagement and retention are major concerns, it's crucial to shift the focus from episodic learning to continuous growth and development. Learn how building a learning culture can lead to engaged and satisfied employees.

Measuring success: The key to ensuring the success of your continuous learning initiatives is to measure it. Discover how tracking metrics, such as employee retention rates, time to proficiency, and promotion rates, can demonstrate the positive impact of a learning culture.

Embracing failure: Creating a psychologically safe environment where failure is seen as an opportunity for growth is essential. Encouraging employees to learn from their mistakes and fostering a culture that welcomes experimentation and improvement can lead to greater success.

Qualitative and quantitative assessment: Learn how to use both qualitative and quantitative methods to evaluate the effectiveness of your learning programs. Surveys, focus groups, and employee feedback are just as vital as numerical data in understanding the impact of your initiatives.

Join the Fabulous Learning Nerds as they navigate the exciting world of continuous learning, and discover the transformative power of building a learning culture within your organization. Don't miss this insightful episode full of actionable advice and real-world examples! 

Who are the nerds?

With over 25 years of experience in the learning and development field, Scott is passionate about inspiring others. His mission: to rescue them from their own limitations and bring them into a new world of growth and impact. He and his team bring relevant and impactful change-making tools to audiences young and not-so-young. Utilizing a wide array of solutions such as micro learning design, device neutral mobile learning, distance learning solutions, augmented, and virtual reality learning. 


As a certified Master Trainer and Leadership Coach, Scott places as much emphasis on developing and caring for human capital as he does for financial capital. Engaging in accountability and mentorship conversations is one of his greatest pleasures. Through those conversations, he unlocks others’ superpower so they too can grow, improve, develop a healthy work/life balance, and positively impact their families and communities. 

Zeta's a seasoned fantasy illustrator and graphic designer with over a decade of expertise. She brings that eye for visual impact to how she designs compelling assets for educational materials and engaging learning experiences.  

She has overseen projects for a diverse range of clients, managing all aspects of project development and stakeholder relations.

Now as a dedicated learning nerd, she brings that skillset to help others in their never ending journey for learning and development. 

Why is Daniel a Fabulous Learning Nerd?  Well for starters, because he's on the podcast.

Well that and over a decade of experience in the L&D industry.  

Daniel is an experience focused instructional designer, and learning consultant with a decade of experience in the L&D industry.  Daniel's passion is helping people to grow and develop, and each week on the show he gets to grow and develop himself with a multitude of interesting and exciting guests.