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Episode 63 - Think Critically featuring Ezell Lundy

Our access to information is expanding exponentially, and along with it comes a very real problem. When you can get the information, you need at any time and anywhere, how does that effect our ability to think critically? Has the art of creative problem solving been replaced by a microwave learning culture? These are the questions the NERDS discuss with their guest Ezell Lundy. Ezell is a professor and mentor in higher education with more than two decades of experience with learning and development. Ezell shares his experiences in the today’s digital classroom and what we as designers and facilitators can do to encourage critical thinking.

Who are these nerds?

Abby has created training and knowledge content for large and small tech organizations but found her real passion in discovering learning program opportunities through project management and program design to add value and drive growth. She also loves asking lots of questions!

With over 25 years of experience in the learning and development field, Scott is passionate about inspiring others. His mission: to rescue them from their own limitations and bring them into a new world of growth and impact. He and his team bring relevant and impactful change-making tools to audiences young and not-so-young. Utilizing a wide array of solutions such as micro learning design, device neutral mobile learning, distance learning solutions, augmented, and virtual reality learning.

As a certified Master Trainer and Leadership Coach, Scott places as much emphasis on developing and caring for human capital as he does for financial capital. Engaging in accountability and mentorship conversations is one of his greatest pleasures. Through those conversations, he unlocks others’ superpower so they too can grow, improve, develop a healthy work/life balance, and positively impact their families and communities.

Why is Daniel a Fabulous Learning Nerd? Well for starters, because he's on the podcast.

Well that and over a decade of experience in the L&D industry.

Daniel is an experience focused instructional designer, and learning consultant with a decade of experience in the L&D industry. Daniel's passion is helping people to grow and develop, and each week on the show he gets to grow and develop himself with a multitude of interesting and exciting guests.